What to Expect

We're with you each step of the way. Before you deliver, during your delivery, after your delivery and always.

Before your delivery, you and your birthing partner can tour the birth center and meet our staff. Tours run every Thursday on the hour and can be scheduled by calling 509-527-8153. Youll also receive orientation material and have opportunity to pre-register to create a smooth admission process when your time comes. Additionally, we also offer free childbirth, breastfeeding, and infant CPR classes.

We have three private birthing suites, two of which have jacuzzis. Inside the rooms you will find squat bars, birthing balls, rocking chairs, as well as other comfort options for your delivery.

Here are some of the issues you will direct:

  • Options for your level of pain management, including a medication-free childbirth
  • Who will be present with you at the birth
  • Important family or spiritual traditions that you wish to honor
  • Visiting hours for siblings, family and friends
  • Overnight stays for your spouse or birth partner
  • Food and liquid options when you want them

During Your Delivery
You can eat or drink as you need, and be supported by our experienced staff. You will have a variety of pain relief options if needed, a monitoring system on your baby throughout your stay, and the ability to try a variety of positions to insure that you are as comfortable as possible.

After Your Baby Is Born
You can take advantage of our room-in option, and keep your baby close by for the first few hours after birth. If youd rather get some rest after you deliver, we have an open nursery choice for parents who desire a nap. Our nurses are also lactation educators that can work with you during the first few times you nurse.

We can also provide a postpartum visit to check infant weight, jaundice and breast-feeding issues as well as assess the mothers condition and address any family concerns of questions. One of our midwives is also available for follow-up visits.