What Happens First?

Our Emergency Center is organized and staffed to take care of all your medical needs in a crisis.

First, an intake professional will greet you and ask about your symptoms. You will first be evaluated by an experienced Triage nurse who will briefly ask questions about your medical history, followed by a brief examination to determine the severity of your condition. At this point your medical treatment will begin. The Triage nurse may order lab tests or X-rays that have been pre-approved by physician guidelines in order to speed up your care.

The Emergency Center often has to see many patients who arrive at once. Many critically ill patients may also be arriving by ambulance through another entrance. Some patients who arrive after you may be treated before you or and some of your procedures may be unexpectedly delayed. We are committed to seeing and treating every patient as promptly as we can.

To learn more about our Emergency Center, please call 509-525-0480.