Adventist Health Initiatives

Adventist Health is so committed to quality that we recently established the System Quality Council (SQC) in an effort to achieve a higher level of quality throughout our four-state health care system. SQC is an interdisciplinary committee that is responsible for providing input and direction for Adventist Health’s overall quality improvement strategy. The council includes representatives from administration, nursing, finance, clinical information systems as well as several physician advocates.

In addition to numerous national and state quality measurement improvement programs, as a part of Adventist Health, we participate in programs selected for special focus by our corporation.

Emergency Department Collaborative
Emergency Departments are often the front door into a hospital and we are working hard to ensure that door is open, welcoming and quickly addresses your needs. We are currently participating in an Emergency Department Collaborative. The collaborative focuses on patient flow (wait times, door to admit times, processes, etc.) patient satisfaction and the quality of patient care as it relates to the system’s already standardized Core Measures (e.g. AMI, pneumonia, and other clinical indicators). As a result, our average length of stay is already one hour shorter than it used to be and our quality of care is still the highest among our system of 17 hospital.

Pressure Ulcer Campaign
We are involved in a system wide collaborative to reduce pressure ulcers. According to the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality, the incidence of pressure ulcers among hospital patients increased steadily between 1993 and 2006. The goal of Adventist Health’s Pressure Ulcer Campaign is to facilitate an interdisciplinary approach to maintaining skin integrity and managing skin breakdown, and improve clinical outcomes in this area. In addition, there is an ongoing awareness program, hourly rounding and continuing education. It's working for us--the number of reportable hospital-acquired pressure ulcers remains at zero.

Hand Hygiene Campaign
What if 15 seconds could save a life? Adventist Health’s Hand Hygiene Campaign aims to increase awareness among staff, physicians, visitors and patients regarding the significance of hand washing and the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. With the goal of expressing the importance of good hand hygiene as a prevention for the spread of disease, WWGH displays campaign posters throughout the hospital and laminated cards at hand washing sinks to remind clinicians and others interacting with patient to frequently clean their hands.

Culture of Safety
We have teamed up with Bryan Sexton, Ph.D., from Duke University Health System on a groundbreaking quality initiative. Launched in January 2008, the hospital is currently working with Dr. Sexton on a Culture of Teamwork and Safety Improvement Process. The project uses a survey instrument filled out by frontline staff to identify specific areas of concern. Dr. Sexton then reviews the survey results and provides insights and recommendations for how to address improvement. As a result, Walla Walla General Hospital has improved in 5 of 7 domain scores in 2009 over 2008. We are committed to continued improvement, focusing on all 7 domains while paying special attention to scores that are 60% or lower.